The Man of My Dreams!

Posted by Kikita

So after posting my cry for help, I took some of your advice.
I was at the local mercado,  shopping for some basic cooking supplies when I found myself in the aisle where they carry the "velitas." (Apparently they call them "veladoras" in Mexico.)

Saint candles

I tried to remember who it was I should pray to and be lighting the candle for if I’m looking to get married.


Nah, that seems too basic.

St. Valentine? Does he even have a candle? Do we really pray to him?

Oh! I know! San Antonio! Right?

I decided to look for a St. Anthony candle. I was in deep thought and concentrating really hard . . . and then I found it! Success!!
San antonio
Armed with my velita, I begin to head to the front counter to check-out when . . .


There he was. An Adonis. It was almost painful to look at him. But I also couldn’t look away because he was looking directly at me. It felt like his eyes were piercing right through me to my soul. My first conscious thought became a prayer of thanks, “Wow! Gracias, San Antonio!”

Ay Caramba! Now he’s coming towards me! He opens his mouth to speak . . .

And that’s when I woke up. ;-)