The Man Child

I have some well-chosen adjectives that describe my kids. 

What I happen to love about the following list of adjectives is that they were used by other people: Aunts, cousins, teachers, friends, grandparents, neighbors, tween-girls - to describe my son, Jonathan.

I know this because I have been "collecting" them for the past few months.  I take my parenting task very seriously so I listen carefully when someone describes them in a complimentary way.

1) Smart.
2) Funny.
3) Creative.
4) Talented.
5) Popular.
6) Original.
7) Resourceful.
8) Entertaining.
9)  Clever.
10) Quick-witted.
11) Adorable.
12) Inventive.
13) Crazy-making.

Okay, so number 13 was mine.  =D 
Carrie called him a muñecon.... does that count?


My man-child is 13 years old today.

Half-Cuban, Half-Alien (I'm convinced) with Super Powers.  Brace yourself, World!

Happy Birthday to my Man-child, Jonathan.  =D