The Look

When he was little, he would give me a Look.

The Look could melt my heart in an instant.

The Look would wonder, "Am I in trouble?"

Or the Look would happily say, "Yes!" in answer to my silent offer of food or a gift.

He had a Look of Absolute Joy.

And a Look of Abject Terror.

The Look began the day he was born. I remember the doctor commenting, "You can tell this one is really smart. Check out that Look he's giving you."

It's taken 15 years, and he's completely perfected the I-can-totally-pull-this-off-and-lucky-for-me-I'm-so-cute Look.

Jon at 15

Now he's begun to work on "The Smoulder...."

Jon smoulder

Jonathan Darby is 15 today. LOOK OUT, WORLD!

Happy Birthday, my son.  *sigh*