The Legend of Sylvia

P8027216We've got a dear family friend whom we'll call "Sylvia."  We'll call her Sylvia because, well... that's her name. =D

Sylvia is and has always been the representation of perfect Cuban womanhood to me.  I've known Sylvia since I was a little Cuban girl and I have always marveled at how she manages to be consistently put together. [sigh]

She is always dressed impeccably, no matter the occasion. She has a sixth sense about how to add or subtract accessories to complement any outfit.  She can mix gold and silver jewelry without batting a perfectly lined eye.

I've never seen Sylvia with a hair out of place or a chipped nail.  I'll bet she doesn't even OWN chancletas. (heaven forbid!) And she occasionally wears gold shoes. Gold! She  has managed to age beautifully and gracefully. Sylvia is timeless, legendary. Her name is synonymous with Cuban femininity and perfection.

She is perfectly feminine, perfectly funny, perfectly manicured and perfectly Cuban. [sigh]
Sylvia is my inspiration when I'm wanting to be all those things (I usually fail miserably, but that's not important right now).  So, in my quest for Sylvia-hood, I got myself some gold heels.

Me: "I just got a pedicure and I'm wearing my gold heels."
Amy (without missing a beat):  "Ah! that is SOOO Sylvia."  ;-)