The Human Condition

Pa299616It's tempting as a blogger to write about every single little detail of my life.  And believe me, I know I totally over-share enough as it is. 

So I won't go into the gory details of my recent medical tests (which involved a microscopic camera used to look down my throat and I'll be honest, I was tempted to document the procedure, but I thought the doctor performing the test might think me weird if I pulled out my phone and asked him to "hold it and smile", but that's not important right now =D).

Anyway, all that to say this: 
I'm not allowed to eat chocolate anymore.

Mind you, I'm not a big chocolate eater.  I don't really care for cake either.  I'm much more of a tropical dessert kind of gal.  The typical dulce de leche or guava and cream cheese type.  Or better yet, just skip the dessert and give me a loaf of fresh, hot bread and butter and I'm totally happy.  But chocolate?  Seriously, I can take chocolate or leave it. 

I know to some of you that's like breaking an eleventh commandment, but read on.

I didn't give chocolate a second thought until . . .

He made the No-More-Chocolate-For-You pronouncement.

Now, I find myself thinking of chocolate constantly and having mental arguments with my doctor (which of course I totally win because they're all in my own mind =D) about which forms of chocolate should be okay for me.  I have chocolate on the brain and there's no room for anything else. 

Kids: "Let's watch a movie tonight."
Me: "Okay.  How about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

See what I mean??

If he had only said: No-More-Salads-With-Lo-Cal-Dressing-For-You.  (sigh)