The Traveling Hat


This is my younger brother Jonathan.  (Yes, it's Amy again.)  Doesn't he look adorable in the hat?  I think he knows it too and that's why he wears it everywhere he goes . . .  no, the real reason he wears it so much is because his hair is in the awkward phase of turning curly and he hasn't quite figured out how to master it yet.  :-)

Anyway, the other day Jonathan was wearing the hat and Tio Timbiriche loved it so much, he plucked it right off of Jon's head and put it on.  After a quick laugh, he gave it back to Jonathan and told him how much he liked it.  I really like it too.  I think there's something so Cuban-esque about them . . . but that's not important right now.

After the "party" (it's always a party these days), Jonathan was walking Timbiriche, Abuela, and me out to the car and then he asked me what the word for "gift" was in Spanish.  "Gift is regalo, why?"

Just as Timbiriche sits down in the car, Jonathan takes off his hat that he loves so much, hands it to Timbiriche and says, "Regalo."


Timbiriche was both touched and amused by the gesture. "What sort of kid gives away his favorite hat to an old man he barely knows?"

Jonathan is exactly that kind of kid.  He has a heart of gold and I adore him for it.

Now Timbiriche wears the hat everywhere he goes, but I don't think it's because his hair is getting curly . . . ;-)