The Faces of MBFCF

Nochebuena_invitation_07Invitations just went out for our traditional Cuban Christmas Eve celebration.

The faces belong to my big, fat Cuban family. Yep. The very same people who have been a most important part of my life for years and years. And yet, I think it's important to make everyone feel wanted and welcomed.  Hence the personalized invitations.

(I think I did a really cool job on these. Created them in Photoshop Elements using digital papers from Designer Digitals. I especially like the dimensional gift wrap bow. I am sooo using that again. =D)

But I have to give credit to Amy who came up with the present concept and who suggested the line:
". . . it wouldn't be Christmas without your PRESENCE."

I like that.
And it's so appropriate because I consider my family a total GIFT.  ;-)