The Ending to the Story

Kikita here.

It all started with Adam and a random text message: "What's the name of the kid in The NeverEnding Story?"

"Bastian," I replied automatically. "Why the nostalgia?" (Note: I didn't quite put it that way, but hey, I'm using poetic license here.)

Adam was at the video store and he had seen the title in passing. The thought of this beloved movie sent me reminiscing about the many, MANY times Adam and I had sat and watched in horror while Fantasia crumbled because Bastian didn't realize he could help the Empress save her people. ;-)

Then it hit me. "Hey, Adam! Let's watch it with the kids!" (Lucy & Jonathan being "the kids.")


I immediately alerted my siblings to my fabulous idea. A Sibling Movie Night. No parents allowed.

Lucy agreed to make dinner.  Jonathan was just glad to be included in all the fun.

After we had eaten and hunkered down on the couch, Adam pressed PLAY. He and I happily sang along with the cheesy theme song during the opening credits. We remembered every moment before it happened and found ourselves speaking lines along with the characters on-screen.

But then...

The longest-movie-in-the-world (for a 6-year old and a 3-year old) was now FLYING by at an alarming pace. The movie was never this short... was it? (It was only an hour and a half. Who knew?)

The kids in the movie were practically adults... right, Adam?

Don't even get me started on the puppets.

The movie in my memory was not matching up to the movie I was watching with my siblings. Was it really always this CHEESY??

I was embarrassed. I had shamelessly raved to "the kids" about this fantastic classic and how wonderful it would be to see it again, only to realize how ridiculous the whole thing was.  They didn't "hate" it, per se.  In fact, they kind of saw comedic elements that redeemed it in the long run. 

Siblings 2
Plus, Dad ran out and treated us for ice cream, so it was all good.

I guess that some things are better left as memories . . .

~ Kikita

The Ending to the Story - from Mom's Point of View

I knew what would happen, because, of course, as The Mom, I know stuff.  It happens to me, too.  Some of the things that are stuck in my memory should just stay there. =D

But when Amy Kikita suggested the whole siblings-only-movie-thing, I was absolutely encouraging.

"Yes. Great plan. No parents? No problem."

Seriously. What did I care? 

Siblings 3
I had all four of them.
Enjoying each other's company.
They were laughing loudly and making a memory.

And I knew that this would be a good one. ;-)

~ Marta