The Dam City

Eric and I were privileged to spend last weekend among friends in Historic Boulder City, Nevada. Boulder City was built to house the workers who built the Hoover Dam, also known as the Boulder Dam.

Either way, let's just call it what it is: The Dam City. (This is where the fun begins...)

Hoover dam sign 

We loved staying in the Dam Hotel. The Hotel has been host to many dignitaries over the years. Now they can include the Darbys on that list. =D

Dam hotel

And, of course, we went to the fabulous show playing at the Dam Theatre, which is owned by our friends, Amy and Desi Arnaz, Jr.


Here's the lovely Miss Amy busy with the decoration of the Dam window. ;-)

Amy in window

We ate our fill at the Dam Candy Store (aka Grandma Daisy's) The homemade dipping caramel was to die for.

Gma daisy's

In the Dam Hotel is the Dam Museum which tells about the building of the actual Dam, one of the Seven Civil Engineering Wonders of the Modern World.

Dam museum 

We even got to see the Dam Sheep.

Dam sheep
Actually we might have missed the Dam Sheep, but we had asked a local...

Me: "So, what is there to do here in the Dam City (=D) on a Sunday afternoon?"

Local: "You could go see the Mountain Sheep come down to graze."

Me: "Umm...okay."

The grazing Dam Sheep were pretty amazing after all. Who knew?

Our stay in Boulder City was relaxing and delightful. It is charming and welcoming in that small-town-America way. (Thanks, Amy and Desi!)

Street signs 

We picked up a souvenir for our son:

Dam hat 

And next time....

We may have to actually go out and visit the Dam itself.


We hear it's a Darn Big Dam. ;-)

Dam big dam

(I crack myself up.)