The "cowbell" of my Cuban American Kitchen

If there is one thing I can never get enough of when I'm baking something, it's guava paste. (You were going to guess that too, weren't you?)

Gotta have more GUAVA! **

If you're not Cuban, you're probably not feeling it and that's O-KAY.  I really don't get Jell-O, so we're probably even there. ;-)

But I swear, I am constantly daydreaming about ways to get guava into my baked goods.  (I also daydream about having a kitchen staff, but that's not important right now. =D)

So I made a fabulous bread pudding that you don't need to pour sauce on because:
 1) I caramelized the dish first.
2) I added guava paste to it, which melted into all the nooks and crannies and made it all uber-gooey and rich and absolutely AMAZING.

Bread pudding with guava

Today on Babalú, I'm posting my recipe for Not-My-Tio-Fernando's Bread Pudding.
Better than your regular run-of-the-mill bread pudding, and now with MORE GUAVA.  ;-)

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(**FYI - in reference to the legendary SNL - "I gotta have more cowbell" skit with Christopher Walken.)

NOTE - ADDED 10/16/08:  (for Kelly P.) If you can't find guava paste in your neighborhood, you can order it online from Cuban Food Market.  If you want some galletas or plantain chips too, I have a link to them over there on the left.  If all else fails, you KNOW I'll be willing to buy it at my local Mercado Latino and mail it. =D