The Butterfly Effect

Last week was our Spring Break. We were able to enjoy some wonderful family downtime.

We read books and watched movies and did a lot of nothing. But there was also a birthday to celebrate.

Eric, my hard-working husband, was set on celebrating his birthday doing something "different." (He couldn't really define "different" but that's not important right now.)

My niece happened to mention that there was a very cool butterfly exhibit at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and happily, that fit the "different" definition, so off we went.

Butterfly jungle 

Picture an enclosed rain-foresty type of place. And like colorful fairies, butterflies of every imaginable color and size flitting about. Some were landing on people. It was truly magical.



Butterfly 5 

So we're walking around with our mouths gaping open being totally amazed by these beauties when one of the bigger ones goes out of its way to totally make Eric's day...

Birthday butterfly 

We called him The Birthday Butterfly because it was such a treat for Eric to have a humongous butterfly land on him.  =D


Now that's what I call DIFFERENT. ;-)

Emboldened by this close encounter with nature, Eric didn't blink an eye when this man in an uber-silly feathered hat and equally silly faux-butterfly wings offered him a bug to eat.

Bug eating 

Yes he did. He ate a meal worm. (I know. Eeew!)

Eric: "It's my birthday and a giant butterfly just landed on me. Eating a worm is nothing!"

It gets worse. My mom-come-quick-and-kill-this-microscopic-bug daughter also got into the act.

No way was she going to eat the cricket that Mr. Jungle-Feather Hat was offering her. I would have bet money on it.

Amy cricket 

What the.....??? (Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?)

Amy Kikita: "It's dad's birthday and not only have I just been in a rain forest full of butterflies, I've recently been to Cuba. Eating a cricket is nothing."

Ay, Dios mio. *heavy sigh*

(And for the record....NO, I didn't.)