The BIG Family

After agreeing to take on the massive task of Family Historian, things I never even dreamed of are falling into my lap. Family members are finding photos and remembering stories. I feel like I've discovered buried treasure!

And as I start receiving photos and dates, a picture starts to form. And then there are the stories. So many wonderful stories of personalities and human events. I am completely intrigued.

This is my great-grandmother, Victoriana Perez de Espeleta, surrounded by her children. (My grandmother is 2nd from left.)
This photo was taken around 1929 or 1930 in Holguin, Cuba.

My grandmother, Osmunda Espeleta de Perez-Puelles, center, and her children. Havana, circa 1956, My mom is on the far left.

My mom, Luz Aurora Perez-Puelles de Verdés with her six children, Trabuco Canyon, California in 2002.

And me, Marta M. Verdés de Darby, ;-) - Mission Viejo, California. 2007 with my four offspring.


I'm having this whole circle-of-life thing rattling through my brain.

This project is BIG. And I am feeling so very small. It feels like there's enough material here for an entire screenplay!
Can you imagine? A screenplay.  Then a movie...

So then I start to wonder if they made a movie of my life, would Renee Zellweger (the only actress I can think of with squinty eyes like mine) agree to gain 50 lbs. and dye her hair brown so she could play me? (but really, that is SO not important right now. =D)