The Bible - the Original Novela

As you know, my mom is 97.

I always feel compelled to tell her age when I'm writing about her because:

  1. It makes the story I'm about to tell that much more amazing.
  2. Nobody makes 97 year olds anymore like the one that happens to be my mother. ;-)

Luza (my 97 year old mom - See? I did it again) is constantly reading. She always has a book or two or three that she's involved with.

She religiously writes in her journal each day so she can remember who visited her and who called and who brought her gifts or helped her with something.

She also reads the Bible every day and tries to memorize scriptures (in Spanish, of course) and takes notes about what she's reading. Her reading schedule makes it so that she will read the entire Bible in one year.This is why I feel like I have to explain that she's 97. Who does this at her age?

So, the other morning she was writing in her journal and making notes about her Bible reading. Sometimes she "marries" the two: journal and Bible notes. 

I'd like to point out right now, in case you missed it that she is 97 and reads without glasses. See what I mean?

Luza reading

My daughter, Amy Kikita had just made her an early morning cafecito, which she enjoyed so much that she logged it into her journal along with her Bible notes.

This was her journal entry for the day:

"Kikita me dio un café muy rico a las 7:15 de la mañana. Saúl quiere matar a David."

Translation: "Kikita made me a very delicious café at 7:15 this morning. Saul wants to kill David."

Bible Reference: 1 Samuel 26