The Best and the Worst

I had an idea.
A sort of getting-to-know-you idea.
And then I thought it might make a really awesome Christmas present.
And then I thought maybe I would take it out for a test run.

And because I'm actually LOSING SLEEP over this, I decided I'd just go ahead and blog about it and see if you will play with me. (thanks for indulging me. =D)

Quiz face
Here's my quiz and my answers .....

The Best and the Worst:

10 questions that will help you get to know me better.

1. The age in life you’ve most enjoyed so far: 15 - I was adorable once....

2. The age in life you’ve hated most: 32 - I had just gotten divorced and found myself alone, a single parent with 2 small children and I had no money, no life and no future.  =(

3. The best day of the week: Friday - our school and work week is over and the weekend is full of possibilities.

4. The worst day of the week: Wednesday - because I feel like "gosh this week is going by so fast!"

5. Your finest cooking accomplishment:  Homemade Pastelitos de Guayaba.

6. Your worst cooking disaster: I tried to make fried chicken once when I was about 19 and it looked really pretty.  Who knew chicken took so long to actually COOK??? (can you say,"disaster?")  LOL

7. The color that looks best on you: RED.

8. The color that looks worst on you: Yellow - does it look good on anyone??

9. Your favorite movie of all time: The Princess Bride. "Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... "

10. The worst movie ever made: Legends of the Fall. (Brad Pitt and his butt made for a boring sub-plot to an already tedious film.)

The Project:
I have a dozen other quizzes. I'm giving one to each person in the family and waiting for their answers and compiling them into a book with a section for each person along with photos.  I'm doing this for my immediate family - for the 6 of us.  But then I thought it might be a cool idea for the rest of my big, fat, Cuban family.  So I will be shooting quizzes around this week to the rest of them.  The final project being a cool looking 12X12 scrap-photo book from like the Celebrate Summer 2008 one I made that's up there on the left. 

And this morning, the project was on my mind and I wondered if I just put it up on my blog, (no, nobody gets tagged. Just do it if you'd like to play along. Leave your answers in the comment section.) would you indulge me and play along?   Thanks!

Inquiring minds want to know.... so... tell me about yourself....