The Art Corner

Once a week, I get to escape my real life and go play. (I know. My life pretty much revolves around playing already, but that's not important right now.)

My days are usually busy with homeschool projects, trying out new recipes (and feeding my family in the process, of course), caring for my mom, and general I'm-homeschooling-two-teenagers business.

But one day (technically, one morning) a week, I get to go play. With adults. (Somebody pinch me!)

We meet at Tamera's. Her home and gardens practically sing out her love of all-things-artistic.


Of course, she's a lovely and gracious hostess. And everything she does magically turns to art. Even setting up supplies...


Our other friend, Gwen is teaching us mixed media techniques and we're working on art journals - at least that was our original plan.


So with paint covered hands, we give each other ideas, or ooh and ah over someone's use of color.

And we talk. About kids and husbands. About dreams. About regrets. About things we love and things we hate. And even when we disagree, we find common ground.

The really delicious beauty of this time together is that not only are we sharing paint and stamps and ideas, we're sharing life.

And that's the best thing of all.