That's Entertainment!

I feel like I owe some kind of explanation about my lack of usual blogging over-sharing here in this space.

So here goes: I'm tired.

Just plain tired. Deep-to-my-very-bones tired. Or, to borrow a great Cuban phrase from my mom. Estoy agotada. (Which is awesomely descriptive. It means completely wrung out. Like a sponge. Not a drop left. Thanks, Spanish Language, for perfect descriptive words when I need them.)

There. I said it. In English and in Spanish.

Don't get me wrong. We've been having a blast for the past six weeks. We've been non-stop entertaining pretty much every week since school got out.

And I'm all funned out.

I think the crazy started back in May when we had the entire fam over for Mother's Day.


Then, once school was out, the kids started having their friends over for Outdoor Movie Nights.

Movie night

Which really can't begin until after dark, which means that with these long summer days, they don't commence until 9-ish, which further means that Outdoor Movie Nights pretty much turn into Very Late Movie Nights.

Movie night peeps

Of course, there's always food. And on movie nights, we have our own "concession" stand. With the girls' favorite: Popcorn and M & M's. (It's kind of magical, really. The juxtaposition of the sweet and salty is pretty amazing. You're welcome.)

M&ms & popcorn

Did I mention we've hosted multiple birthday parties, too?

Gifts & cake

With most of the extended family present.

Amy birthday fam

With lots of Cuban food, of course. (Of course!)

Fricase de pollo

Oh! Did I mention that rehearsals for the last Improv show were held here? Of course they were.

Improv people

And the first Outdoor Movie Nights were so much fun that they led to more Outdoor Movie Nights, which have now become Every-Sunday-Outdoor-Movie-Nights-at-the-Darbys (but that's not important right now).

Outdoor movie setup

Which means I've been feeding teenagers pretty much every week. Every. Week.

Movie night 2

And sometimes on Monday nights, too.

Decorative flags on the patio

All that to say this: I'm tired. Agotada. And I have been too tired to even write about my life because that whole living-my-real-life thing has been keeping me hopping. (Which, I admit, is a really good problem to have, but that's not important right now, either.)

I haven't had much energy to do much more than clean up from the last group that was here and prepare for the next party, which may or may not have included karaoke. (That's Miss Lucy in the orange dress.)

Karaoke girls

And celebrating my son's engagement to the lovely Stephanie. Which meant we also had house guests for about a week.

My family

So, you see, I've been entertaining. With a capital E and an exclamation, like this: Entertaining! A lot.

And I'm just a little tired. Or, muy agotada. Demasiado agotada. Agotadisima! (<--Is that a word? Never mind....)

Hello, my name is Marta and I Entertain. ("Hi, Marta.")

Fortune cookie

I promise to write about all these wonderful things we've been doing and sharing how elaborately we decorated (There were flags! And colored lanterns!) and the food we served and all of that in great, gossipy detail. Very soon.

But right now, I need to go make a menu for next week's dinner party. I know. Shut up.