I Miss That Face

My son, Adam lives in Northern California and I miss him terribly.

But he calls a few times a week and we text each other all the time, which makes me totally happy. (Reason #634 Why I love technology.)


Adam is busy working and going to school, and he's also coaching a junior lacrosse team.

When he was in junior high middle school he used to play lacrosse. I confess I only went to a couple of his games because I could barely stand to watch young boys running full speed at each other with poles. (I know. Bad Cuban mother. He's scarred for life. Blah, blah. Shut up.) 

Anyway, so Adam is coaching the young Red Hawks and he works very hard to get them fired up for their games each week....


Red stripes



And of course, I appreciate that Stephanie is being supportive, too....

Steph paint

The Red Hawks are 5-1.

Nice going, Coach. I miss you!!

(Amy Kikita thinks they should be called The Banana Singing Changos, but that's not important right now.)  =D