Thanks, Dad.

Hi. This is Eric.
I decided to hijack my wife's blog for Father's Day.

I just want to thank my Dad for all the good qualities he has taught me over the years.

He was always a good provider.
When I was little my dad took several jobs to help provide. My dad did what he had to do to take care of my mom, my little sister and me. I don't recall ever not having enough. When I was in high school he even bought me a real pinball machine! My friends would come over  and we'd play for hours.

Now that I think about it, I  am not sure if he bought it for me or for him, but that's beside the point. (Or as my wife would say, that's not important right now.) ;-)

My dad is loyal.
He has been married to my mom now for 44 years. One thing I learned from my dad is that quitting is not an option.

He survived Indian Guides, Boy Scouts, Baseball, Soccer.
He consoled me when I was heartbroken.
He's an Expert Pinewood Derby Car Builder.
He's been a good friend.


27 sunrise
Me & my Dad, circa 1965.

Dad, thanks for having ME.

I love you.
Happy Father's Day.


Thanks, Dad. Part 2

Marta here.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

28 sunset
Eric with Jonathan, circa 1996.

Thanks, Eric. For being a wonderful father. You obviously learned your lessons well. =D

I love you.
Happy Father's Day.