TANGLED - A Winner.

I realize the times and dates of the TANGLED screening might not have been convenient for many of you, but thanks to those of you who entered the giveaway. The winners will receive One - Admit TWO pass to the pre-screening of the film.

I know that sounds confusing, but it still means that 2 people get in. So start looking for a friend to take!


Congratulations to the TANGLED winners in the following cities:


Denise Bidot said...

If I had 70 feet of hair, I'd gather all of my family together and get have the biggest group hug ever! I mean how else can you hug over 30 people at once, and then, when done I'd donete it all for the less fortunate :) my daughter would love to see it in Los Angeles


Ody Fabregas said...


With 70 feet of hair I can have 5 wigs made to help Children Battling Cancer. How awesome would that be?!!!
Can't wait to see Tangled in Miami!!!!



I am in Houston, and with 70 feet of hair, I would plop myself down in a barber's chair and give my hair to Locks of Love. That would be a whole lot of wigs for deserving cancer patients.

Marshall of "Marshall and the Movies"


The OC Josh said...

I would make a scarf to keep myself warm.


Congratulations to all you TANGLED people! Shoot me an email witht the subject line that says, HEY MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG and I will forward you your Pre-screening pass along with your local theater information.

I *heart* Disney. sigh