Taking Time Off

Okay, so now everyone else is back in school, but it's not quite the end of summer. (If you want to get technical about this, the season goes until September 21st, which is not until next week, but that's not important right now.)

We started school a few weeks ago, but because we homeschool, our schedule is pretty flexible. So we usually choose to take some time off when we are not fighting crowds at the beach.

That's Eric catching a few waves before sunset.

Eric surfing  

Jonathan is thrilled that he only has to keep up with math and reading this week.


Lucy has big plans for this week. She hopes to discover who has the very best fresh tomato, garlic, and onion pizza in this county.


Eric is already visibly relaxed after one whole day of surfing.


Me? I'm trying to decide whether I really, really, really want to leave the comfort of my comfiest of lounge chairs by the perfectly heated pool to walk down the 100 steps (which would eventually have to be walked back up) to get to the beach.

I'm thinking no. The kids are having a great time bonding with dad (and my camera).

Besides, I can see them just fine from up here.  =D

Pool or ocean kids copy  

Happy Darby-Vacation-Week!