Take Your Place

P4082802I can be pretty rigid.
I admit it.
I would however, argue that I am just old enough to know what I want.

Or maybe I'm just rigid. ;-)

Last night Adam cooked dinner.
He barbecued a beautiful tri-tip and made scalloped and garlic mashed potatoes. So we could choose. 
I guess it's kind of unusual for a 20 year old to be doing this for his family. But, I encourage this behavior because I am adamant about my kids having "Real Life" skills.

My dinner table is an absolutely Sacred Place.  And I have Rules.
Everyone must be present and seated in their places. We always hold hands and say grace before our meal. And we always thank God for any guest who is present.  Conversation can be serious or light, but I insist on politeness.
See? Rigid.

But I believe there is a sense of comfort and belonging when they take their places at the table with Dad and Mom at either end. Girls to my left. Boys to the right. The only time this varies is when we have guests (which we do often) and we squeeze them in or add length to the table.
I think it's important for them to know where they belong and what is expected of them.

Okay, so go ahead and call me "rigid."

But, I also answer to "Mom." ;-)