Sweet Sixteen

"She looks so much like you."

I get this all the time about Lucy. And yes, I guess she has my same round face and squinty smiling eyes.

And sure, we have many similarities, but I can clearly see the very distinct person she's becoming...

She has her very own sense of style.

Red sunglasses

She is artistic in her own right.
National gallery

And knows what she wants and where she's going.

Eric and I are both quite proud of the young woman we've raised.

In fact, we see her going places.

And doing BIG things.
White house

We just hope to be able to keep up. ;-)

Lucy Darby is sixteen today.

Look out, World!

Happy Birthday, Lucy! We love you very much.

And okay, so maybe she does take after me, after all... =D

Lucy & me b&w