Stuff I only do when I have out-of-town guests and then remember how much cool stuff there is to do around here.

Okay, so I could be thinking of really cool stuff I can blog about, except for I have other responsibilities this week.  There's nothing like having out-of-town guests who want to see everything they possibly can in the few days they're here.   So, I'm obviously not blogging,
I'm being the quintessential Tour Guide.

"Prima Martica,  show us L.A."

And so I think they might enjoy a tour of NBC Studios where the Tonight Show is filmed and that would have been really great, except for that whole Writer's Guild Strike because Jay Leno is being supportive of the writers, which is really cool, but because he wasn't there, there was no show being taped, so all we got to see was the empty Tonight Show studio and Jay's empty parking space, which was a bummer because of his really super car collection, but that's not important right now.
We were excited to honk and wave in solidarity with the striking writers.
(I had such a Norma Rae moment, there. =D)

So we left beautiful downtown Burbank with all its picketing writers and headed over to Glendale and (insert angelic choir here. . . Porto's Bakery for lunch!!!)
Yes. Cuban food! Cuban bread. Cuban cafécito. Cuban Pastelitos.
Having Porto's as a reward made driving to L.A. almost tolerable.  ;-)
"Hey, why don't we do this more often?"

Next stop:  The Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame

Then footprint and autograph hunting at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

I always forget how much fun this is.
Once again, we had to deal with yet another version of Captain Jack Sparrow.

In fact, we had to deal with a few iterations of Johnny Depp characters. (that's Willy Wonka walking away.)

Fantastic, laugh-out-loud, wow-that's-totally-cool fun was had by all. 
Why don't we do this more often?  (I'm sooo changing that.)
Sorry the blog thing has been so boring these past few days.
It's just that because my big, fat, Cuban family has been in town (obviously) I'm not sitting at my computer trying to come up with witty posts.  I'm just out there in the real world with my adorable cousins and my kids having a blast (except I'm not really sure you can call Hollywood the "real" world, but that's not important right now).

Because there's no "undo" command for REAL LIFE.  ;-)