We're Spring-Breaking this week. I'm pretty tired from the whirlwind of just-before-spring-break activities

We attended a Passover Seder at the home of some dear Jewish friends...
Seder plate

And, of course, participated in the traditional Egg Dyeing Ritual at my niece, Helen's house on Sunday...
Easter eggs

It seems most of our activities last week revolved around plates-with-circular-indents, but that's not important right now. ;-)

Now that we're on Spring Break, I am taking a few days off from my online activities to relax and regroup with my husband and kids and catch up on some other projects I've been working on.

Plus we're making plans to attend a Tea Party (ahem..) on Wednesday.

I'll be back in a day or so and we'll do a comment drawing for some cool CubaToGo! stuff. 

Until then, umm...talk amongst yourselves and (because it's my blog and I can post random stuff if I want to) please enjoy my very favorite of all-time Veggie Tales Silly Song, The (bilingual!) Dance of The Cucumber.

It's genius. =D