Somebody in Wisconsin (who has recently been to Spain) loves me!

My friend and fellow blogger, the class-factotum (linked over on the right under Smart Cuban Women and Friends) was recently wed.  She and her new husband honeymooned in (among other places) Spain.  C-F was kind enough to send me this little gem right here:


Yeah, baby!  That's pimentón - paprika's smokier and spicier Spanish cousin. 

If you don't already know, you can add this stuff to anything.  It adds an amazing smoky flavor to any kind of food.

Are you grilling meat, chicken, or fish?  Add pimentón for a bit of color and a whole lot more.

But what else?  Umm.... ANYTHING else!

Bean soups.  Eggs. (EGGS!!) Potatoes. Roasted Asparagus. Paella. (PAELLA!!)

I can't even tell you how excited I am about having my very own Spanish Pimentón in the house. (I feel taller somehow... =D)

I ran out and got some baby-back pork ribs and made them (ahem) in the crockpot ... WAIT! I've said too much!

You'll just have to wait until tomorrow when I post that recipe on Babalú blog.  ;-)

In the meantime, go visit my friend at her fabulous blog: The class-factorum speaks

Tell her Marta from MBFCF sent you.  Thanks again, C-F!  (MUAH!)

(P.S. - are there any other pimentón lovers out there?)

NOTE: La Chinata Pimentón available online at