So Many Places, So Little Time

We had a reunion tonight with the great group of homeschooling families that traveled along with us to Washington DC and New York back in May.

We were to bring along a dish for a potluck and our photos and scrapbooks from our trip.

Well, we are taking our sweet time getting that scrapbook done. (Darn those perfectionist genes!)

But we (the kids and I) pulled together a few photos and created a thank you to go into a scrapbook for our amazingly-knowledgeable-and-delightful-tour-operator-and-now-friend, Greg St. Jacques from P.A.C.E. Travel, who absolutely made the trip amazing for us. 


Here are the pages...



Lucy and Jonathan collaborated with me on the journaling. Here's what we wrote:

We didn't know...

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you, Greg.


And just because I like it and this is my blog and I can add whatever I want (but that's not important right now) here's a gratuitous photo of me & Eric from the Top of the Rock in all our dorky-An-Affair-To-Remember-glory. =D

Top of the rock