So many golf courses, so little time...

Okay, so let's say you've been working for the greater part of your adult life.

And let's further say that you have worked hard at said job for what seems like a gazillion years.

It seems the ideal thing in this situation would be to retire. Am I right?

Because there are definitely perks when you retire.

For example, your family goes out of their way to surprise you.
John's retirement 

They shower you with lots of you-should-do-a-lot-of-golfing-now-that-you're-retired type gifts.
John's retirement 3

And they celebrate your retirement with a fabulous dinner at your favorite barbecue restaurant.
John's retirement table  

So, now you're retired. What are your plans? (besides golfing, of course)

Well, you have much more time to spend with your amazing grandchildren. (you could even teach them how to golf. =D)

You get to go golfing. (A LOT.)

And you DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK. (so there's more time for golf!)

There's just no downside here, is there? 

Happy Retirement to my wonderful father-in-law, John. Congratulations!

Did I mention you now have lots more time to just dream about golfing?  ;-)
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