Yo Ho, Yo Ho....

(Indulge me here while I delight in my grand-nephew, Ben, who is three years old today.)

And like most three year old boys he's got his ..... umm....... opinion about things.

Take Disneyland for example.
If you're a three year old boy and you're going to Disneyland, you must dress up.
Preferably like a Pirate. Your costume should include a faux-parrot which sits precariously on your shoulder.
Of course, the adults you're with will take you to dinner at the Cafe Orleans because that's where they will give you a Pirate-hat menu (they also happen to have the very BEST Monte Cristo sandwiches on the planet, but that's not important right now), and which you will wear the rest of the day at a jaunty angle and all will exclaim at your cuteness.

Ben the pirate 

You must ride around the park on the Disneyland Railroad. This is totally fun because you get to yell, "ALL ABOARD!" at the top of your lungs for the duration of the ride and most everyone thinks it's cute. If you're the adult, do NOT yell anything at the top of your lungs. Just trust me on this one. ;-)


It's important that you go on all the rides that involve pirates or boats. This includes getting over to Tom Sawyer's Island to visit the Pirate's Lair, riding Pirates of the Caribbean (duh.), the Jungle Cruise, and the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. As long as the ship is seaworthy...  Pirates are versatile that way.


You'll be pretty tired from all your Pirate activities at Disneyland....
Ben the pirate walking
But not too tired to have a Pirate Birthday/Beach Parrrty. (the arrr is Pirate talk, you see.)

When asked how old you are, you will focus intently and hold up exactly three fingers...

3 yrs old 

... or maybe you focus so intently that you screw that up and hold up six fingers instead, but hey....

"To err is human, but to ARRR is Pirate." 


(okay, that was really fun.)

Happy Birthday, Ben!!