A Day Without My Cafecito . . .

The following post is brought to you by:  Amy, La Hija de Marta.

Since Tio Timbiriche has been here I've gone all over Southern California and have learned SO MUCH.

The day of the Gran Cucufate was no different.  I woke up late, so the first thing I had to do was call and tell Timbiriche and Abuela that I was going to be late.  Fabulous, I'm already in trouble and I haven't even had my cafecito yet.  After hurrying everyone out the door because today is the day they are taking the train to San Diego.   Yes, we (Mami & I) had the brilliant idea of sending everyone to San Diego on the train, everyone except me that is . . . My job was to drop off at the Orange County Station and pick-up at the San Diego station.

Since everyone was running late, there was no time for a cafecito . . . do you see where this day is going?

20 minutes before the train is scheduled to depart, I drop off Timbiriche, Luza (abuela), Mami, & Adam.  (Jonathan kindly offered to join me in my driving adventure.)

Just as I'm jumping on the freeway, my phone rings . . . "Come and get us, they have no I.D. so NO TRAIN."
Just as I'm exiting the freeway, my phone rings again . . ."Okay, instead, go back to their house and get their passports."

And so it begins . . . (and I STILL have not had a cafecito)

Once Jonathan and I get the I.D.s, we haul back to the train station.  As we pull up, Timbiriche, Luza, Mami, & Adam all pile in.  They've decided to to take the train on the way back instead . . .

After a LONG drive to San Diego (where we were busy pointing out the train tracks so that Timbiriche didn't feel like he'd missed too much) we finally make it to beautiful La Jolla.  We disembark and set-up our delicious picnic lunch.  It was a lovely day.  All of us were wearing our summer clothes and left our sweaters at home because the day before had been blistering hot.  Halfway through our picnic, the weather gave us a spectacular show . . . We got to watch the fog roll in . . . and feel the cold it brought.  Suddenly our beautiful day had become overcast and chilly.


Adam was sitting next to me and we were both freezing so we huddled closer together.  Timbiriche was sitting next to Luza and they were both freezing too, so they huddled closer together.  At that moment, I had a flash forward.  I leaned even closer to Adam and said, "Adam, that's going to be us one day . . ."

"Yeah, but I have every intention of going deaf in one ear and making sure you're always on that side."

This had us both cracking up, so Mami asked, "What's so funny?"

"Mom, that's going to be us."

Mom started looking around the park frantically, as if we were talking about some random person walking by.  This only made us laugh harder . . . (I'm sure it was delirium from the lack of cafe).

At that point, we were just too cold and had to be moving on.  Deeper into San Diego we went.  Finally . . . around 2:30pm . . . I got my cafecito.  All was right with the world again . . . for a bit.

Now I had to figure out how to get these people to the Downtown San Diego Train Station and then get myself home all before Rush Hour traffic.

I did well, I got them to the Train Station and got myself home . . . I only got lost once and I DID NOT end up in Mexico this time!  (yeah, I've accidentally taken myself to Mexico more than once)

In order to make the train ride more of an adventure, Mami let Timbiriche and Luza sit by themselves:


(As it turns out, he's deaf in his left ear . . .)