She's the Mary.

Michelle: I'm the Mary and you're the Rhoda.
Romy: That's ridiculous. You're the Rhoda. You're the Jewish one.
Michelle: Oh my God! I'm talking cuteness-wise, okay? And cuteness-wise, I'm the Mary."

P5184335 When I am with my sisters, we have an instant familiarity and rapport that comes of sharing so much life for so many years.  We easily transition from English to Spanish when telling stories. We discuss serious things and still laugh easily.

In November I found Carrie's site - Bilingual in the Boonies,  (check my sidebar to the right under Smart Cuban Women) through a link from Babalú. I was immediately captivated by her stories of trying to keep the "salsa" alive in the backwoods of Tennessee.

We began corresponding via email and then finally talked on the phone. An HOUR (!!) later I realized I had a new sister/friend.  Again, there was that easy Spanglish conversation that I only knew from my own family. And I know this sounds trite, but seriously, I felt like I had known her forever. No, we didn't just discuss business, but shared our lives and our families and our hopes and dreams. I fell in love with her and her parents and her incredible business partner, the lovely and talented Oscar (Hi, Oscar!)  More people to add to my big, fat Cuban family - more fun for me. =)

Even though she has her own (wonderful!) business, Los Pollitos Dicen, she had nothing but encouragement for me and CubaToGo! and I felt like I had found someone to share a brain with. ;-)

It was Carrie who strongly suggested (pushed? peer-pressured? =D) that I attend Cuba Nostalgia. And so I agreed and offered to help her in her booth, which is how Amy and I found ourselves wearing matching "Candela" tshirts and representing Los Pollitos in that wonderful venue.  Of course, I bought shirts for all the great-grands. It's so much fun to see Daisy and Francesca walking around in their Merenguito t's.  (That's sooo Cuban!)

I visit Carrie everyday at "Bilingual in the Boonies."   

Maryrhoda If we lived closer, I would be the playing Rhoda to her Mary and knocking on her back door with mojitos. (She's definitely "the Mary") =D

 Go take a trip to the Boonies. You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll thank me. 

Tell Mary Carrie that Rhoda Marta sent you. ;-)