She's living the life I want (A Rant - By Amy)

It's not fair. 

(This is Amy again, by the way)

Today, my abuela is 94.  NINETY-FOUR!!  And where is she?  MIAMI.

Perhaps you don't quite understand.  I live with her, HERE, in Orange County.  But about a month ago, she decided to take a trip to MIAMI and visit her OLDER (yes, OLDER) brother.  He will be 97 in May.  (but, as Mom always says, that's not important right now).

Luza_amy So my abuela left for Miami, went to my cousin's 30th Birthday Blow-out party in South Beach, and has been visiting all her friends and partying all month.

I WISH I was in Miami.  I belong in Miami.  I should've been at the birthday party.  But instead, I'm knee deep into funeral preparations.

Speaking of funerals, I would like to take this moment to thank all of you so much for your kind words.  I really appreciate all the love being sent this way.

That being said, last year when my abuela turned 93 I spent the whole day with her and then that night we threw her a party.

This year, I call her to say, "Felicidades Abuela!" and the response was:
"Gracias, hija!  Te extrano mucho, pero no puedo hablar, me voy pa' una fiesta!"

Great.  She's going to a party tonight and I don't even have a date with Blockbuster. :-(

So what's the lesson here?  That I have to wait until I'm in my 90s to party in Miami?  I am SO NOT OK with that.

Despite the fact that I wish I was there, I'm thrilled to have such AWESOME genes.
I love that I can say, "My 94 year old abuela is celebrating her birthday in Miami."
And I'm grateful that she is still around and so "with-it" (even if she's more "with-it" than I am).


Felicidades Abuela!