Self-Portrait Tuesdays. The Real Thing.

What happened to Self-Portrait Tuesdays, you're asking?

Well, I've been Self-Portraiting on Tuesdays over on Facebook. (So, if you're on Facebook, look up and join Self-Portrait Tuesdays.) I know. Sorry. I'm a little A.D.D. and I get easily distracted, but that's not important right now.

The Self-Portrait thing started a few years ago as a way to document what was happening in my life and also because I NEVER, ever allowed myself to be photographed. (My face if just kind of round and flat and I'm not very photogenic, but I finally decided, after lots of self-portraiting, that I have kind of a pleasant face after all.)

But I was always the one behind the camera until I finally decided that that was not okay and it was a hurdle I just had to work through. And so I did.  =D

Most of my self-portraits are contained in an art journal and involve paper and paint and photos and colored pencils, and they were fun and messy and expressive, but hey, it's the age of technology, so there's that.

Here's an old SPT from my art journal.

Spt roles027

My daughter, Amy (Kikita) started the SPT  (short for Self-Portrait Tuesday - how cool is that?) Group on Facebook for everyone to post their self-portraits. But I realized that not everyone is on Facebook, and I hate to exclude anyone from this, so how about....

If you have a blog, post your self-portrait there and link back here in the comment section. (Keep it clean, por favor. =D)

Here's my Self-Portrait today....

The REAL thing. Like Coca-Cola.  ;-)