Se dice..."Peet-sah"


Husband: "This is really good. What kind of pizza is it?”

I make homemade pizza all the time, so that part doesn't surprise him.  It's the distinctly Cuban flavor that gives him pause....

Me: “It’s a Cuban pizza, of course.”

Husband: “Who are you trying to kid?? There’s no such thing as a Cuban pizza.”

“No such thing??” 
(them’s fighting words….)

So, I bring in the heavy artillery.

“Mami, prueba esto.”  I ask my mom (self-proclaimed expert on all things Cuban) to taste my creation.

It reminds her of a pizza she used to eat in Varadero in pre-revolutionary Cuba and she says so.  She closes her eyes and savors another bite. 

The Authority has spoken. This is exactly what a Cuban pizza should taste like…

I throw my arms up over my head and do the victory dance. =D
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My recipe for The Very Best Cuban Pizza EVER will be posted up at Babalú today.