¡Sabor! Cookbook Winner

I am still laughing at some of the rice comments you all submitted for the giveaway. 

So, about half of you wash your rice. About a third of you used to wash, but have since given that up.

Some of you use rice cookers because you remember that mami or abuela had a Hitachi going all the time and I love that you have some great memories of rice and rice cookers and the happiness that rice brings to the Cuban table.

Pressure & rice cookers

A lot of you are still stovetoppers. Impressive.

And, of course, all of you agree that my cousin Yllien is adorable. =D

A few of you have some bad memories of burning the rice. (Did I ever tell you about the time I cooked for 300 and screwed up the rice? No? Umm....never mind.)  ;-)

Thank you. I swear it makes me so happy to hear from you and I love that you keep the conversation here lively. 

Sadly, I could only choose one winner. (insert sad face here) As usual, I went to Random.org and put in the number of entries (subracting those who accidentally left multiple comments, and you know who you are, but that's not important right now).

Congratulations to the winner of the ¡Sabor! A Passion for Cuban Cuisine Cookbook, autographed by the author, my friend, Ana Quincoces.

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 6.12.45 PM

Congratulations, Annie! Good job on getting your gringo husband to learn The Ways of The Rice Cooker. I'm so proud. *wipes away a tear*

Send me an email with HEY MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG! in the subject line. Please include your snail mail address so I can get this beautiful cookbook out to you ASAP.

Thanks again to you all for playing. More fun giveways and stories coming up this week, so stay tuned!