Rockin' the house

So, Adam had a few of his buddies over the other night to play Rock Band.

The big selling point (besides "My mom will feed everyone") was....

"My mom will sooo kick butt well... on vocals!"

And so they came and we played and took turns drumming and playing guitars and vocalizing. Out in the backyard, of course, with the giant screen.  (Our neighbors are no longer surprised by any of our antics. *sigh*) 

Rock Band 1

Sometime during the evening the boys decided that the vocalist had to wear The Rock Band Goggles of Death.
Rock Star goggles
(How some people were talked into this by other people, I'll never know....)

But I will tell you this:
I love that these twenty-somethings still want to hang out here with us.
I love that they were so eager to have us play with them.
I love that there were no judgments, no "coolness," no tough exteriors.
We were all making fools of ourselves, singing at the top of our lungs and having a wonderful time.

Rock Band

Lucy and I were outnumbered ten to two, but we managed to hold our own with all those boys.
(Lucky for me, no one picked up the camera while I was wailing into the microphone, but that's not important right now. =D)

And, oh yeah..... guess who scored a 99% for her vocals?  ;-)

(Yes, sometimes I really do ROCK.)