Rock and Roll Babies and Uber-Dork Parents

Last night Eric and I went to a concert at nearby Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (which, after experiencing the marathon-length hike in and out of said amphitheater accompanied by hundreds of sloppy-drunken revelers, made us come to the cataclysmic decision that we would probably never go there for a concert again, but that's not important right now.)

We went with Helen and Daryl to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers along with Steve Winwood.

An amazing show.  Seriously, there's nothing better than watching extremely talented people doing what they do best.

And there's nothing like a rock and roll show under the stars.

It was a lovely time and Helen and Daryl are delightful company (especially for this particular show because Helen knows All There Is To Know About Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers and is therefore a font of wonderful fun facts and trivia, but that's not important right now, either.)

So, what were Eric and I thinking about and discussing during this show?

We were reminiscing about when Lucy and Jonathan were babies.

Of course, because that's what Uber-dork parents do....

WARNING!! The following is a TOTAL OVER-SHARE:

Jonathan was a scheduled c-section, for which I was awake (I warned you!) and the doctor was playing a Steve Winwood cd.  Which means that my Jonathan was born to the song, Higher Love.  So, when Steve sang that as part of his set, I was thrown right back to twelve and a half years ago to the moment of my son's birth. 

sniff... sniff.... "I had major surgery during this song..." I whispered to my husband. (Of course I said it to make him laugh - duh!) He just hugged me and we both smiled and sang along.

So then Tom and the Heartbreakers come on and their third song was Free Fallin'.  This time Eric just looked at me and we both smiled... He used to play his guitar and sing the song as a lullaby to our sweet little Lucy-girl:

"She's a good girl. Loves her mama.  Loves Jesus, and America too..."

So here we are in the middle of this crazy-loud rock and roll show getting all nostalgic about when our kids were babies. And getting a little emotional to boot. 

Tom petty concert

I know. It's amazing that they even allow uber-dorks like us out into the world. =D