Que Rica Vida Goodies Winner

Thanks to all of you lovely commentors commentators folks who left a comment for the Que Rica Vida goodies. I truly like knowing what General Mills products you use. (I'm genuinely curious about these kinds of things...or maybe stalkery? But that's not important right now. =D)

As usual, I entered the names into a list on Random.org and it gave me a winner.

So, congratulations to:

jackie said... Cheerios! I have a toddler! :)


Jackie, please send me an email with the headline: HEY, MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG. (So I don't accidentally delete it.) Include your snail mail address so I can get the package of cool Que Rica Vida stuff out to you ASAP.

Querica stuff
By the way, I totally get the whole toddler-love-affair-with-Cheerios-thing. With four kids, I made sure I had Cheerios with me at all times. Seriously, I was always armed and ready with my Cheerios ziplock. ;-)

In fact, someone I know was all uber-excited to have won this Cheerios tshirt, because she had such happy childhood Cheerios memories. In fact, we had to very purposefully hunt down the Cheerios Bee for this photo op...


As a mom, I seriously loved this moment. (I know. Shut up.)

Que rica vida, right? ;-)