"Que es chutney?" - a rant.

There is a (faux) "Cuban" restaurant in a city one area code away from us.  I won't even mention it's name because it was so awful. 
I suppose an unbiased person (which, when it comes to Cuban food, I am so NOT) would have been taken in by the lovely patio ambiance and the "soft" salsa floating out of the concealed speakers.  And for a moment, they almost had me. 
But then they brought out the . . . mango chutney

"MANGO CHUTNEY???"  (yes, I think I yelled out the question.  I'm not really sure because I was a bit crazed at that moment, and mango chutney might be really good in another context, but that's not important right now.)

"For one thing, Cubans eat mangoes, the fruit. Period. We don't try to create other food with it!  And CHUTNEY???  What on earth is chutney??"  (okay, I know what chutney is, but that's not important right now, either.)
(I'm ranting this to no one in particular, except for my poor husband, who knows this litany by heart) 

"Seriously, how would you even pronounce chutney in Spanish???"

Here's a lesson in basic Cuban food - It must be simple, but tasty.

Now, repeat after me:
"Ajo, cebolla, cumino, laurél." 
Say it again:
"Ajo, cebolla, cumino, laurél."
(Ah-ho, Seh-boy-ah, Ku-mee-no, Lao-rel - it means "garlic, onion, cumin, bay leaf")

THAT is Cuban Spice!
Is anyone listening? (sigh)


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I made dessert over at Babalú today.  A Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
Okay, so "cheesecake" is technically not Cuban food, but the minute I added the Homemade Dulce de Leche, it crossed over.  See how I just did that?
Go try it and see if your taste buds aren't doing a conga after the first bite.  ;-)