Promises, promises

P3122137Dork alert!

I go a little nutty this time of year.  I start walking around my garden and taking mental inventory of what is going on out there.

Of course, I have my camera with me. And really, is there anything worth documenting yet? Well,

Then I notice that the lavender is pretty fragrant already and that the sweet peas are climbing the trellis. They will be blooming and fragrant veryP3122140 soon.
So I take a picture now.
Because I. just. can't. wait.

Yep. That's me.

The Garden Dork.

I know all my roses by name, too. (Gosh, this is kind of embarrassing...)

This one grows over 15 feet tall. It's called Stairway to Heaven. And when it blooms, it goes crazy! Tons of red flowers! And they seem to last forever! And in July we appear to be the MOST patriotic family on the planet because those blooms look so cool with the flag flying and our bright red door! (notice all the exclamations to show enthusiasm?)

Umm... There are no blooms on it... yet.

But it is so full of promise. And I get so excited about that. And again I think (as I always do when I am in my garden) that this is sooo like God. ;-)

Repeat after me. Out loud. 3 times.  "oh-wah-tah-dor-kai-am." =D