Preparing for New Year's Eve

Because Jonathan's birthday falls on practically the last day of the year, we've decided to celebrate his birthday with a New Year's Eve party. 

Actually, there will be a murder. ;-) 

It's called Death of the Blue Shadow.  In which a group of Superheroes comes together at a convention. (oooh, this is right up our alley, isn't it?)

Guests include:

  • Supersleuth - The superhero with brainpower
  • Windstorm - The hero of speed
  • Robotron - Superhero robot
  • The Human Ape - Half ape, half human... lots of heart
  • The Stapler - Super Office Warrior
  • Shadowmasque - A hero hidden physically and emotionally
  • The Brooder - A former villian gone good... or not?
  • Blue Shadow - The victim

Because the party includes all of these superheroes and their parents, we're having most of it catered by a local Italian restaurant. 

And because I was just having a craving, (=D) I made Sweet and Sour Guava Meatballs as an appetizer.  That recipe is posted today over at Babalú blog.  

I swear this appetizer is to die for.  ;-)

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