Pop Quiz

What do Elvis impersonators, white tigers, volcanoes, and the Beatles have to do with my life today?
If you guessed "nothing" that would generally be true. =D
But today, Lucy and I, along with my niece, Helen & her daughter Daisy, are driving to Las Vegas - woohoo! Road Trip! (home of all the best Elvis impersonators) to the Mirage Hotel (home of white tigers and volcanoes) to see LOVE (home of the fabulous Cirque de Soleil show set to Beatles music). So if you guessed all that then you would be right even though it seems like a really far stretch of the imagination.
But since we're already on the subject of stretching our imaginations, perhaps we could imagine that I would win a Jackpot on one of the Progressive Wheel of Fortune Slots and return home slightly richer than when I left. I suppose I'd actually have to play if I was serious about winning... [sigh]

I'll keep you posted for any Elvis sightings . . .
But for now. . .
"The Darbys have left the building." =D