Pomp and Circumstance

P6064917If you had met my sweet Lucy a few years ago, your impression would probably be that she was a quiet girl.
You might even be tempted to use the word, shy.
But, I'll just put all speculation to rest.
All my kids have very BIG personalities.
But Lucy does fall into the "quiet" category when you first meet her or don't know her very well.

I got a glimpse of what she was capable of when she took a turn as Gertrude McFuzz in the CHEP production of Seussical earlier this year.

But, graduation showed us yet another side of Lucy.
The homeschoolers that come under the Community Home Education Program in Orange County get an entire commencement ceremony.
It was held this year at the Bren Events Center at UCI. And the graduates numbered 185 from 4 different sites.

The kids took over for the night.
Lucy and her friend, Ivan were the Masters of Ceremonies. And they did an AWESOME job.
Their poise was evident as well as their preparation.
(We voted that Ivan will grow up to look like an improved version of JFK - what a good looking kid!)

They introduced performances by their peers, including piano pieces, poetry, and songs. They introduced the big-wigs from the Department of Education. There was a get-your-hanky slide show of all the families with their graduates then and now. Lucy got to introduce her best-friend, Alison who's song, "You Raise Me Up"  brought down the house.

The diplomas were handed out to the students by their Master Teacher - that's who we parents answer to.  Then they were congratulated by the Principal and by the other Dept of Ed hotshots. All very proper and beautifully done.

Now, I don't know when it happened, but my sweet and quiet Lucy took that stage and OWNED it. She walked out there confidently (rockin' that guayabera dress,  I might add) and thoroughly enjoyed herself. 

Everything that I have recounted happened that night, but this was all I saw:
P6064938 Everything else went blurry.
Except for my beautiful girl.
I had eyes for no other.
My heart full to bursting.
Emotion blurring my vision.
All of those.

My Cubanita starts a college theater course next week and I am chugging along breathlessly behind her just trying to keep up.

I cut together a short video of the on-stage transformation from Pomp and Circumstance through to when she first got intoxicated by the cheers and applause. And finally when the Superintendent of Orange County schools welcomes them all to high school.
Ay Dios Mio!