Places to go. Things to do. Kids to embarrass. =D

I've been keeping up pretty nicely with that whole taking one picture every day project.
Actually, I love having my camera with me 24/7.
In fact, I have it with me so much it's almost like a family member now. 

We're all seated at the dinner table, and one of the kids asks:
"Where's your camera?"

And it's weird when you blog (like I do) about everything that you're doing, because now I have friends who no longer ask about my family, but they do ask:
"Where's your camera?"

My kids don't even notice the camera any more.

Well, except maybe when I follow them into a public building, like umm . . . HIGH SCHOOL:
Lucy is signaling me with her eyes:
"Umm . . . Mom, don't you have other places to go?  Another of my siblings to embarrass?"

Not today, Missy.  ;-)

(NOTE: For those of you who know we homeschool, all of Lucy's classes are online, except for Drama, which is on campus and to which she goes for three hours each week, one day a week, which is just enough time spent among her peers for her to be social, but not enough time to where she becomes peer-dependent, but that's not important right now. =D)