Who's the Adult here?

Kikita here.  I'm older now, so I should behave older, right?

And for the most part I do, but every now and then . . . I feel the need to let the kid in me out.  So I called my younger sister (Lucy - she's 14) and invited her over for an old fashioned "sleep-over."  We had a blast!  We made popcorn and drank chocolate milkshakes and talked about boys and giggled and watched movies.

Plus, we stayed up WAY past anyone's bedtime . . . It was fabulous.

The next day we were going to a party with Mami, so she came over to pick us up.  When we arrived at the party, there was absolutely NO PARKING.  I was still feeling like such a kid, Mom was dropping me off and I was going to a party.  That's when it happened.

The party was at the Lago by my house, it's a members only beach club/man-made lake, so you either have to have a key to get in or be let in or be on the list . . .

In my childish mood, I was kind of panicking about how we were going to get in, I didn't have a key . . . would we have to talk to one of the ADULTS?!?!  (usually young teenagers - it's their summer job)

These thoughts of mine were interrupted by Lucy's voice (she had slowly fallen in line behind me), "You're the adult here.  Do your thing."

It hit me like a ton of bricks! 

I had to get us in. 

I had to do the talking. 

I had to work it out. 

I had to make the executive decision. 

I had to get us through that gate.



Well . . . sort of. ;-)