Peppers R Us - A Giveaway

I celebrated my 4th blogging anniversary (blogaversary?) at the beginning of this month. I appreciate that so many of you sent congratulatory emails and posted here and wrote happy things on my Facebook wall.

It was very cool to receive all the good wishes and all that, but my friend, Cigar Mike took the congratulating up a notch.

He sent me this.....

It's absolutely breathtaking, even though it's tricky taking a photo of a Fine Art Photo and I'm sure my pic doesn't do it the justice it deserves, but trust me, it's phenomenal

Isn't it gorgeous? There are three things I love about this print:

  1. It's peppers, people!
  2. The peppers are in Fiesta colors (yay!) that perfectly match my kitchen. (Actually, it matches my entire house, but that's not important right now.)
  3. He says this print reminds him of me because I'm spicy and sassy. I like that. ;-)

Me: "Mike, I love it! And I love you! Gracias!!!" (<--you can tell how much I genuinely loved it by the amount of exclamation points I used!!!! =D)

Me (again): "I need to ask a huge favor....can I offer this print as a giveaway on MBFCF?"  *crosses fingers*

The Very Generous and Talented Cigar Mike: "Absolutely."

Do you hear that, kids? Mike is graciously offering to give away this 11 x 14 gorgeousness. This brightly-Fiesta-colory-wow-look-at-those-peppers print will go to one lucky MBFCF Giveaway winner.

Before telling you how to enter the giveaway for this print (did I mention it's a Fine Art print?), can I ask you to please visit his website at Mike Pancier Photography and be prepared to be amazed. (Go to his galleries section and check out his breathtaking cityscapes. The man is seriously genius.)

Also, if you're on Facebook, I would encourage you to become a fan of Michael Pancier Fine Art and Nature Photography.

Now, in order to enter the drawing for those fabulously lusty peppers, please just leave a comment on this post and answer one or all of the following questions:

  • How do you use bell peppers in your kitchen?
  • What sorts of things do you make with peppers?
  • Do you use red, green, or yellow (or all)?
  • Bring it. Share recipes or links if you like. (I live for stuff like this.)

Me? Hello! I'm Cuban. Peppers go into everything that is good and holy about Cuban cooking. It's the basis of all the sofritos of the Cuban Cooking Universe.

So, tell me about your relationship with peppers. I will choose a winner on Thursday, October 28th at 6 pm PST.

"Be a pepper." ~Dr. Pepper