Pastelito Delivery Service

The temperature has been in the double digits around here. So cooking has been a pretty low priority. If I do cook, it will usually involve the crockpot and rice cooker and me NOT in the kitchen for hours.

But last week, I baked! Yes, BAKED. And I'm not just talking about the day I spent too much time in the sun. (That's a story for another day...) ;-)

I made a big batch of my fabulous Pastelitos de Guayaba (homemade guava pastries). 

What on earth could have possessed me to go into the kitchen, let alone turn on the oven, you ask?

Desi, of course. (*be still my foolish heart*) My friend, Desi Arnaz, Jr. 

You see, I had promised to make him some pastelitos and the last few times we've been to Vegas (he lives close to there) we were unable to connect. But this time, his lovely wife, my sweet friend Amy encouraged us to come. They'd just be getting back from a trip, and he'd probably be tired and un-shaven, but would love to see me.

Could I possibly be deterred by a such a small detail as a vacation beard? Besides, all I heard was "... Desi would love to see you."

So I baked.

And, along with my Amy, drove through the Nevada desert in 110 degree heat to deliver the pastelitos to my friend (and teen crush, but that's not important right now. *she blushes*) Desi Arnaz, Jr.


He tasted them right away. (Notice the sign that says "JOY" directly behind him. Coincidence? I think not.)


He declared them to be delicious.

Desi: "Would you like some?"

Me: "Can you stop me?"


I have to reiterate what a delightful and fun-loving (not to mention, immensely talented) guy he is.

And of course, I'm grateful to dear Amy who took time out of her busy schedule to take us on a tour of the charming town of Boulder City, where the Arnaz's own and operate the Historic Boulder Theatre. Amy blogs over at Insights from The Magic Tutu. (If you stop by and say hello, be sure to tell her Marta sent you. =D)


The Two Amys. How adorable are they??

So, the Pastelito Delivery was a success. We're grateful once again to the Arnaz's for their gracious hospitality.

And once again, I forgot for a moment that he was the son of TV and Cuban Royalty. Until he asked if we liked his T-shirt. The one with the picture of "Mom."


I know. Shut. UP.  ;-)