Out of the comfort zone. . .

I was in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend for a convention.  (I'll explain why in another post)
But I wanted to share a highlight of my weekend.
I got to enjoy a concert by a . . .

wait for it . .


I know. Me. Country. Who knew??
It gets better.


"Shut up. You did not."

I swear.  Me.  Country.  Love.  (I'm still in shock myself.)

The group is called Due West.  And I was completely captivated by their golden throated harmonies and their warm and friendly stage presence.

So much so that I . . .

wait for it . . .


"Shut up. You did not."

Oh, I soo did.

0913072157 I met them afterwards and asked them to sign said CD and told them this was my (gulp) first country CD.

They were equally shocked. ("Wutt???")

They stopped everything with a:

"Hey y'all this here's her first country CD!!" 

That pretty much stopped traffic and caused all the REAL country fans to stop and gawk at the Cuban anomaly in their country-loving midst. 

Tim, Brad, and Matt all gave me a big hug and made me take a picture with them (well, they didn't really have to twist my arm much . . .) and signed it with:

"We're honored to be your first country CD!"

Of course I'm still a die hard Celia, Willy and Beny fan.  Always have been. Always will be.

But I found that there's a soft spot in my heart for these beautiful, rich,  country harmonies. And (sigh) I just love these guys. =D

Due_west091 So, I am tellin' y'all to go out and buy Due West's music right now.

And I mean . . .

All y'all.  ;-)