Our Favorite Orange County Portrait Photographer and Friend

I'm starting to think that I'm the last of a dying breed who waits until it's actually December (and usually half-way through!) to start decorating my home for Christmas. I explain that in great detail here.

But that doesn't mean I don't shop or do all the other preparations that make Christmas meaningful to me. It takes a bit of planning to make the actual Christmas celebrations come off looking effortless. (Also, I have quite an amazing family who all pitch in when the time comes, but that's not important right now.)

One of my favorite traditions is The Darby Family Christmas Card. Because there are six of us to schedule into one photo shoot, unless I use a photo taken sometime during the year, like I did in most of the following cards.

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Merry christmas

Last year, of course, we were proud to partake in The Great Christmas Card Photo Shoot of 2010:


Which brings me to the reason I'm writing this today. That wonderful photo of the six of us in the middle of the street in our red arm chair was taken by our wonderful next door neighbor and pro-photographer friend, Rafael. He managed to capture us in all our goofy gloriousness and also created some beautiful family portraits for us.

Exhibit A:

The darbys

It was Rafael who also took Lucy's high school graduation portraits.


Lucy 3

Lucy portrait 2

We have always been super pleased with Rafael's amazing work. Which is why I'm delighted to share this with you today.

For my friends in Orange County, Rafael, who I happen to believe is the very best Orange County Portrait Photographer is offering a very generous portrait special.

Only $45 for 20 minutes of his professional awesomeness! 

Call Rafael Photography at (949) 939-7286 to take advantage of this wonderful offer. 

Holiday portrait special

Tell him Marta sent you. You can thank me by sending me your beautiful Christmas cards. ;-)