"Open me first!"

Back in the day, Kodak had a genius ad campaign for their sweetly priced Instamatic cameras.

From around the early 60's and into the  70's their pre-Christmas ads would say something about marking the wrapped camera with a tag that said "Open me first!"   Serious genius.

So, you're probably thinking that this post is about cameras, but aside from the previous fun fact, (and the fact that I'm still upset that I don't have my real camera back from the shop) it's not.

Jonathan (the almost 13 year-old) got Adam (the 22 year-old) a Self-inflating Whoopee Cushion for Christmas. 
Yes, the kind you sit on and it makes a loud and melodious... umm....trumpet-like sound...umm....oh, you know...

It makes a farting noise!
There, I said it. (blush, blush)

The big selling point for this was the it "self-inflates after each f*rt!"  This new feature makes it unnecessary to blow it up after each use.  I know. Someone spent some serious time, energy and money devising this energy efficient update to the classic gag. It staggers the imagination....

Any kind of bathroom humor, of course, is irresistible to boys of all ages. My boys are no exception.

So, this New and Improved Self-inflating Whoopee Cushion was the very first gift that was opened on Christmas morning at our house.
Christmas 2

And while we did have actual Christmas music playing in the background, the soundtrack of our Christmas sounded decidedly, well....

umm.....different.  =D
(Confession: it made me laugh (a carcajadas!) EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. but that's not important right now.)

Did I mention that Eric's parents came over for Christmas dinner???

Ay Dios mio.