On top of the world

A confession: I'm afraid of heights.Okay, well maybe not AFRAID-afraid, but when I get to a high place my knees start tingling and my neck gets a weird tense-as-a-brick feeling. So I don't choose to climb up to high places much. But I'm in New York City. Home of the High Places That Make Your Knees Feel Weird. ;-) And I don't know which is worse: 1) Peer Pressure. or... 2) Fear of Missing The Photo Opportunity. So here I am at the very top of the Rockefeller Center on the observation deck (The Top of the Rock) on the 70th floor. Mouth dry. Hands trembling. Knees knocking. Heart pounding. To add insult to injury it started to rain while we were up there. I took a few deep breaths (to keep from passing out!) and looked out. "Hey! There's the Empire State Building!" "Is that the Statue of Liberty? She looks so little from up here." It didn't take long for the majesty of the view to overcome my fears. That's Central Park behind me. Beauty, I found, trumps Fear. Every time. =D0514091919.jpg